Principal introduction

そば製粉会社、手打ちそば教室で主任講師を務め、講習生は延べ15,000人を超えました。 内4名が関西名人、2名が関西準名人、2名が敢闘賞、4段位8名、参段位27名、弐段位・初段位を多数取得されました。

Takashi Ueda
Takashi Ueda was the head teacher at a soba (buckwheat) milling company soba-making school, teaching soba making to over 15,000 students.
Of these, 4 are Kansai soba-making masters, 2 are Kansai quasi-masters, 2 have won the Effort Award, 8 attained yondan, 27 attained sandan, and many have attained the nidan and ichidan levels.
With his teaching experiences and knowledge of soba flour, Ueda opened his own soba specialist school, Uedajuku.

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